Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Big Bucks on Camera a Secret

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

As we approach the middle of summer and trail camera pictures start rolling in, you will soon have a pretty good idea of the quality of bucks in your area.

A regular on my cameras in 2017 and one I didn't tell many about, fortunately I was able to fill my tag on him opening day!

You'll likely want to share the big boys with your closest of hunting buddies, but eventually you may be asked what you're getting on camera by someone who you may not want to know that a "good one" is in the area.

When this happens, here are the top 5 things you can say to not tip your hand:

1. "I'm not sure, I haven't had a chance to check my cameras yet"

In the early part of the season, this might even be true! But most of the time, it's easy to say that you just haven't had a chance to get out due to work or anything else you have going on in life.

It leaves the door open that there could be something there, but you just simply "don't know". AKA, Pleading the Fifth!!

2. "Just a bunch of squirrels!"

It could be squirrels, birds, or even raccoons but it all implies the same thing, "the area hasn't had any deer through it yet".

Coyotes are also a good option to pick as no one wants to hunt deer where there is a healthy predator population.

A neat blonde phase coyote that I had several pictures of and was not hesitant to share with fellow hunters

3. "Only does and fawns"

Another classic excuse and one that is very believable, as often times this might be all you're getting to walk in front of the camera.

You could expand on this and say that you even had to move your camera because to get on something with velvet.

4. "Just a couple small bucks but nothing big yet"

2 small bucks visit a mineral site early in the morning

Of all the excuses I may use, this one is likely the one that is most believable to unsuspecting hunters.

You could even satisfy them by showing them pictures of said small bucks still in their bachelor groups to reel them in further. But don't show any of your up and comers!

5. "I did have a picture of a decent buck but I haven't seen him for months"

If you're in a situation where someone knows you're always on to at least one good buck year after year, this is my go to.

I didn't get another picture of this mature 8 point after the date shown, he was later killed in mid November a little over a mile away

Some years its the absolute truth as bucks go in and out of their summer range. Other years it may or may not be a little bit of a white lie, but it gets the heat off of you!

Obviously, this post is meant to be a parody more than anything. It's always up to the hunter whether or not they wish to reveal what they hope to be chasing each fall based on what they're getting on trail camera.

I often will share photos with friends and acquaintances alike, especially if they don't know exactly where I'm hunting that particular year as I'm usually on public land.

If you like the idea of hiding what your pictures are showing you but also interested in how you can actually physically hide your cameras better, be sure to check out our article, "How to Prevent Trail Camera Theft", to learn our tactics on the topic.

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