Tactacam Reveal

When you hear someone talking about Tactacam, you will likely immediately think of their very popular action cameras that hunters use such as THIS ONE.

However, in 2020 Tactacam is entering the budget friendly cellular trail camera race with a horse of their own, the Tactacam Reveal.

With an MSRP of just $119.99, it is sure to compete with the ever popular SpyPoint Link Micro and other entry level price point cameras that allow users to have cellular capabilities at affordable prices.

So, lets dive on in and check out every thing there is to know about it!

What are the Tactacam Reveal's Specs and Features?

-1/2 second or less trigger speed

-powered by 12 AA batteries

-compatible with solar panels and features an external port to accept one

Utilizing an external solar panel charger such as this one are especially valuable with cellular cameras as you never have a reason to manually visit your cameras, even to change batteries! Click the picture to check it out!

-Built in LCD screen measuring 2.4'' to view pictures when manually checking the camera or to help with proper setup

-1 year warranty!

-Dedicated "Reveal App" for settings changes and picture viewing

-LTE/4G compatible with AT&T or Verizon meaning very quick upload speeds!

-No video can be transmitted, but it can send excellent pictures in up to 24 MP and as low as 8 MP quality

-Low Glow infrared for excellent night time pictures with minimal game disturbance

Sample pictures in both day and night

What are Tactacam's Data Plans?

Like other companies, Tactacam offers several different data plans with varying rates based on the number of pictures you'd like to receive each month and the number of cameras you have have on the plan, but you will not be charged any activation fees.

You will always save money by paying for a yearly plan up front, especially when adding more than one camera, but both month-to-month and yearly options are available and affordable depending on your needs.

The plan basics are as follows:

Pro Plan: Unlimited pictures per month, per camera for $120.00 if paid yearly ($10/month) or just $13/month if you choose to pay month to month

Intermediate Plan: 500 pictures per month, per camera for $85 if paid yearly ($7.08/month) or $8/month if paying month to month

Starter Plan: 250 pictures per month, per camera for $55 when paid yearly ($4.58/month) or $5/month if on a month to month plan.

You can add additional cameras to your plan at a discounted rate, CLICK HERE for full data plan details.

Additionally, you can choose to have your pictures uploaded on a scheduled basis or opt for immediate upload to receive pictures in real time.


Based on user reviews so far after the initial release, here's what hunters like and dislike about the Reveal:


-Easy to setup and use

-Excellent customer service

-Great picture quality

-High quality at a great price


-App could be more user friendly when viewing photos (I'm sure this will be ironed out as time goes on and feedback is considered)

-Being able to change more settings within the app

All in all, the Tactacam Reveal is an excellent option for hunters to scout and hunt this fall and beyond without leaving the comfort of their home more than needed!

It's a great camera to get your feet wet with cellular camera technology and at price that both your pockets and significant others will approve of!

You can check out the camera and purchase HERE at Tactacam's website!

If you've already been using the Reveal, let us know what you think by dropping a comment!

Not sure if the Reveal is for you? Checkout the SpyPoint Cell link instead by reading THIS ARTICLE and how you can turn a regular trail camera you already own into a cellular camera!

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