Spypoint Cell-Link

New for the 2020 hunting season is the innovative Cell-Link by Spypoint!

The Cell-Link is a unique device in that it allows virtually any trail camera on the market to be converted to a cellular camera.

How does it work? What are the data plan options? How much does it cost? Let's dive right in and take a look!

How does it work?

Many hunters are aware of how cellular trail cameras traditionally function, but the Cell-Link is unique in that it is not a camera at all.

Traditional cellular cameras work by taking a picture like a normal trail camera would and the picture is saved to an SD card. The pictures are then sent wirelessly to the owner at a desired interval. Easy enough right?

The Cell-Link on the other hand is simply just a transmitting device. So how do the pictures get sent from the camera to the Cell-Link?

When you purchase the Cell-Link, it will come with its own unique SD card that is attached to a flat, ribbon cord that is designed to be plugged into the cell link directly. Effectively connecting your trail camera to the Cell-Link.

When the picture is taken, it is saved to the SD card like it normal would be, with the Cell-Link then being able to access the file via the ribbon cord and send it to you wirelessly.

You can see a video of the Cell-Link being installed on a Tasco trail camera at the link below:


Will the Cell-Link work with my trail cameras?

If your current trail cameras accept a standard SD card, then the answer is YES!

The SD card will be inserted just like any other card you use and the included ribbon cord adapter is designed to be thin enough to allow your camera to completely close like normal.

The Cell-Link is designed to work with ANY non cellular camera that accepts an SD card, click on the picture to check it out!

What are the data plan options?

Spypoint utilizes the same data plans for the Cell-Link as it does for its regular cellular cameras.

The free plan will send you 100 photos per month and the Premium plan will send you unlimited photos for just $10 per month if paid annually ($15/month if paid month to month) with 2 plans in between to fit your individual needs.

You can check out all the data plan options at Spypoint's website by clicking HERE

How much does the Cell-Link Cost?

The Cell-Link MSRP's for just $59.99! Meaning that you could turn your trusty trail camera into a cellular trail camera for less than $60 bucks! Be on the look out for deals but you can click HERE to check out the current price on Amazon.

The Cell-Link is the perfect device for a hunter to test the waters of cellular camera technology at a very affordable price and without much change from the current trail cameras they are using now.

For the same price of one quality cellular trail camera such as the Spartan GoCam, you could turn 5 of your current normal trail cameras into cellular trail cameras!

If you are still on the fence if cellular trail cameras are for you, check out our article

Are Cellular Trail Cameras Worth It?

to help you decide!

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