Mid Morning Magic

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

California- It was still early enough Saturday morning that I thought I would drive out to some local public land and see if I could get in some birds. It wasn’t long after I arrived that I spotted a lone tom heading out of a small field into the thick cover. I had to circle about 3/4 of a mile around the tom to come up over the other side in the direction that I expected him to travel to. As I was getting to where I wanted to set up, I let one call out to locate him and he instantly gobbled back at me from about 200 yards out. I placed my decoy about 30 yards behind me and crawled into a thick oak tree. I looked up to see him running towards me, one yelp and he started strutting my way. I quickly ranged the couple of openings I had and let him come. When he was just about to clear my shooting lane I drew back and once he got in my lane I clucked to pause him. I let my arrow fly and after finding it's mark, the tom ran about 25 yard before falling over. So thankful to have the opportunity to harvest a great bird on public land! -Justin Dowling

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