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Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Gage George, Arkansas- This story takes place in the Ouachita mountains of Arkansas. A rather remote area with typically very little hunting pressure, especially during bow season. I started scouting mid-summer to try and locate some deer and get a better idea of the area where I killed a real nice 10 point a couple years prior.

I ended up getting my first velvet pictures of this buck on July 5th 2019. For around here, a 115-125” buck is a shooter any day, at least in my book. I knew from the first series of pictures that I’d like to arrow that buck if I could keep track of him and an opportunity presented itself.

As the season neared, I continued to capture more pictures of him as well as another buck I would’ve gladly taken too.

The author first got pictures of his buck in July but by October the deer was still hanging around

Once the acorns started falling, I found 3 massive white oaks that the deer seemed to prefer.

These trees happened to be within shooting distance of the big scrape I was getting regular trail camera pictures from and had a bench running in between them, so it seemed like the perfect spot.

It was the first week of November when the camera started blowing up with daytime activity and I made my move. I packed my climber in with me early that morning and set up downwind and near the hot spot.

Around 9:30, I had a group of mature does come off the ridge and feed under the 3 trees. After a bit, they eased off and shortly after I heard that sweet sound every bow hunter dreams about. A buck grunting and feet shuffling.

The does come running back from my left and so did he following closely behind them, his head down like a coon dog coming in on a string. The only problem was he was going to chase them through a thicket and I had no clue where the does would take him. I picked a hole in the brush and hit it with a rangefinder.

46 yards.

As he trotted to the opening I let out a loud “meaahhh” and he stopped dead broadside. I let the arrow go and it found it's mark with a clean double lung pass through. The shot was perfect and he may have ran 100 yards before I heard him crash.

I immediately called in the family to take some pics and even got help dragging him back to my truck. It’s an awesome feeling when everything goes as planned. Gotta love the back-country with a bow in hand!

The author with his trophy after a successful hunt!

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