Father's Day Gift Ideas 2020

Last year we wrote a gift guide for 10 great Father's Day gift ideas for archery hunters that you can check out HERE. While those gifts would still make great ones today, we wanted to make a new one for 2020.

Some ideas may be the same, some may be new, and some may be timeless. That being said, let's take a look at our top 10 ideas!

1.) Buy his hunting or fishing license

A simple yet valuable gift you know will be used by the hunting father in your life! Hunting licenses conveniently go on sale each year right around this time so it makes that perfect gift.

What's also nice is that resident licenses are typically inexpensive and make for an easy recurring gift idea each year.

2.) HuntStand Subscription

Code ARCHERHS will save you 10% at checkout!

I use my HuntStand app year round for everything from scouting in the summer to shed hunting and turkey hunting in the spring.

If your father is tech savvy, considering introducing him to a mapping app. Although the app is free to use, consider gifting the Pro Subscription cost of just $24.99. Code ARCHERHS will even get you 10% off at checkout!

3.) HuntStand Printed Map

Besides a mapping app for phones, HuntStand also offers printed maps of your desired area at a great price!

Maps can be useful in the field, but are also very unique pieces that could be hung on the wall of a man cave or cabin as a fully functional decoration.

You could get a map of a family farm, hunting area, or a favorite public land spot with lots of memories throughout the years.

There are several options in material and size available to choose from depending on your needs and how you plan on using the map that you can check out by clicking the picture above or going HERE.

Be sure to use code ARCHERPRINT at checkout to save 10%!

4.) Subscription to a hunting magazine

One of the best gifts I've received throughout the years was a subscription to various magazines. Whether it was bowhunting, fishing, or sports related, I've enjoyed them all.

Prices vary but a yearly subscription will often run between just $10-$20 for the whole year.

You could pick out a subscription he already enjoys or choose one you think he would like to try! Either way, it's another great gift idea that would bring enjoyment all year.

5.) Gift Card to his taxidermist

If you've hunted long enough, you've heard a hunter complain about the cost of quality taxidermy. While I think the price is worth it for good work, consider contacting your father's favorite taxidermist to see if they offer gift cards for future work!

If his taxidermist does not do anything like this, consider getting him a DIY antler mounting kit or European mounting kit like shown below.

6.) Gift Card to his favorite sporting goods store

If taxidermy doesn't interest him, why not get him a gift card to his favorite sporting goods store or local bow shop?

Gift cards are a classic gift option and allow the recipient to choose what gear they need for the upcoming bow season.

7.) Wild game cookbook

Does your bow hunter father love to cook? Gift him a cook book specifically made for wild game! This will allow him to test out fun new recipes for all to enjoy.

The Meat Eater cookbook is a great option for new wild game recipes! Click on the picture to check it out!

8.) Safety harness or other safety gear

I'm a firm believer that safety should be a top priority for all hunters at all times.

Hopefully, your bow hunting father in mind already uses safety devices when hunting, especially when elevated. If they don't, gift them a safety harness or climbing rope to keep them attached to the tree at all times.

If they do already have a safety device, check and see how old it is as these harnesses should be replaced approximately every 5 years or as recommended by the manufacturer.

9.) Range finder

If your hunter enjoys gadgets, a new range finder is always a great option that he will find excellent value in using.

10.) Binoculars

Last but not least on our list for this year is new binoculars. Binoculars have come a long way in both price and performance with mid range binoculars such as the Vortex Diamondbacks making great options for when upgrading optics.

Last season, I made a conscious effort to start glassing more when hunting and it made a huge impact on my hunt experience, allowing me to see things I would have otherwise missed.

If your budget allows, consider gifting a new pair of roof prism binoculars this Father's Day!

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