Blind Sit Benefits

Jonah Abraham, Georgia- Originally going into the season, I wanted to hunt a WMA located near my house, but the lady wanted to get away for a weekend to the mountains instead. So, I agreed and told her I would just find somewhere to hunt there.

I started doing a little research on this particular WMA because it was closest to the place we were staying, but, it was one I had never even stepped foot on. The WMA was open for a gun hunt and Saturday was the last day it would be open for the season.

The evening before my hunt, I went and drove around some of the areas to get a feel for what the terrain looked like and how many roads/access points were in there. We arrived back to the cabin and I immediately started doing some map scouting. I located a few hard to access areas that I was interested in, and went from there.

During my e-scouting, I kept going back to an area with some distinctive terrain features that I liked. With that, my mind was made up for where I was going to hunt the next day.

Eager as I was, I arrived to that spot the next morning 4 hours before daylight!

I wanted to get their early enough to have time to scout my way in with a headlight and hopefully be able to find some promising sign. I walked into the first spot which about a 1/2 mile into the timber but wasn’t running in to any sign so I decided to back out and search somewhere else.

I tried another spot with similar results. No sign.

At this point, I choose to wait until daylight is breaking to walk in to the last spot I had found on the map. There was a really nice looking pinch point that bordered some nearby private land. I eased my way into the spot and started seeing some big rubs and fresh sign, FINALLY!

I decide to set up near the fresh sign and as I'm unpacking my climbing Spurs to put them on, I hear something crashing down the hill to my right.

As soon as I look, a doe comes busting out of the mountain laurel thicket and I could hear another deer close behind her.

To preface, I never gun hunt, but I had brought my gun with me on this hunt just to change things up. I pulled my gun up as he stepped out of the mountain laurel behind her.

I settled the cross-hairs behind his shoulder and pulled the trigger.

When I shot, he didn’t pick up his head or stop his run, he just kept trotting along hot on the doe's trail. So I loaded another round, shot, and.........

missed again.

By now, somehow, he was still not aware I was shooting at him. I had one more shot opportunity before I was going to lose sight of him into another mountain laurel thicket. He stopped right before entering the thicket and presented me with an easy 40 yard shot.

I adjusted my shot on his body and pulled the trigger. He jumped into the air and crashed 30 yards from where I shot him! That's all she wrote!

Upon walking up on the buck, I truly believe he was deaf. He had blood coming out of his inner ear and the entire ear was split badly from fighting. His antlers were also very beat up encounters with other bucks.

Went back to the truck, grabbed the deer cart, field dressed him, and got him back to the truck. The taxidermist would later age him at 5 or 6 years old!

What a hunt and experience for a completely unexpected, mountain warrior of a buck!

The author with his mature whitetail buck taken on a blind sit after only a few hours of e-scouting and never stepping foot on the public land before!

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