Against All Odds

Eric Campbell, Texas- The date was Nov 30, 2019 and there was a 60% chance of rain before sunrise but it was expected to push out around the time I arrived. So off I went.

I began my walk to the stand at about 5 am and of course, as I’m walking in, it starts pouring rain. Luckily, this is Texas and it was one of those freak weekends where it was 70 degrees in November and I don't have to battle being cold.

I arrive to my stand under the cover of rain related noise and get set up. The rain finally stops about daybreak as the forecast predicted (thank goodness!).

It had been 2 weeks since I had last hunted and I really wanted to see what was on my trail cams. I began looking around and noticed that all my cameras were gone, stolen.

As I continued looking around, I noticed the white dipping sticks you can put scents on hanging in trees about 25 yards away. I became discouraged, as someone had been back there hunting my spot and potentially disrupting the deer.

This is public land, so I understand that people have no claim to an area, but the theft of my gear had me boiling. With all of this, I told myself I was going to shoot the first legal deer that walked out, pack my stuff up, and head home.

Well, not 20 minutes passes and a small doe comes walking out. She comes out from my right to left about 15 yards away, just browsing. She moves over to my left side and I see something move out of the corner of my eye to the right.

It’s the big 6 I had 1 picture of at the end of October!

He followed the same path she did, walked 15 yards in front of me and stopped, standing there watching her. I let one fly and he was down within 50 yards in front of me. I had done it! But I couldn’t put my hands on him yet because the doe never moved and now, a little buck has also come out.

The author happily posing with his mature, public land 6 point buck!

It took 20 more minutes for them to push out and give me the chance to finally get a hold of him.

Needless to say my attitude changed about public land in that moment, even after dragging him the almost 2 miles out.

The accomplishment of tagging this buck is something I’ll never forget and now this year I have this guy I’m after, wish me luck!

The author's public land target for the 2020 season, best of luck!

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