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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Missouri- On November 12th my two buddy’s, Cameron and Carson, and I struck out into Northern Missouri for a hang and hunt on a new piece of public we hadn’t been hunting the whole week. We went in knowing there were bucks in the area as it was littered with fresh sign we had found on the first day there when we scouted. The temps had dropped overnight so we decided to switch gears and try this new area.

We got into the woods around noon and at 2:30 I heard some deep grunts nearby. I glanced up saw and spotted this old buck tending a doe about 80 yards away in some CRP. He pushed the doe towards me 10 more yards and I was hoping to get him in range but the doe had other plans as she turned. As they went away, I hit him with a few grunts and a snort wheeze. He heard me, but kept tending the doe and eventually bedded down with her about 150 yards away in the CRP.

At about 4:45 in the afternoon, he had unknowingly slipped in around me looking for what he had heard earlier, catching me off guard. He came down the trail I was on at 20 yards, presenting me with a shot. I released an arrow and watched it find its mark, but he took off like nothing happened. I was worried of a bad hit, even though I knew I hit him right behind the shoulder, so we waited until after dark to pick up the trail. We found the trail relatively easy but then lost blood so we decided to back out for the night. We went back first thing the next morning to restart our search and to our surprise, the deer had veered off the trail only about 50 yards running dead. He was piled up just 50 yards from where we stopped the night before but just didn’t see him in the dark. It took all of us to drag him out as he had to have been over 250 lbs! We packed him out that day and my friends continued their hunt the rest of the week before returning home to Statesboro, GA.

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