November Rut Action

Michigan- I had been watching this buck all throughout summer even during archery season, having several encounters with him earlier in the season. It was the morning of Nov. 9th and I had already had a few other very nice bucks come by chasing does just a little too far out of range. Then around 8:45, I looked up and at about 400 yards I see what looks to be a buck chasing a doe and it happened to be him. I watched him chase this doe for about 45 minutes before finally coming my way. I lost sight of them in some thick brush and then next thing I know he’s standing at 80 yards pushing the doe my way. He came directly into 30 yards and presented me with a perfect shot, which I made good on. After the shot, he only ran about 50 yards before piling up. It’s the biggest buck I’ve ever gotten the chance to harvest and I couldn’t be more happy!

#Michigan #Whitetail

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