Fatal Attraction

Illinois- I knew the spot I was in was a high traffic area as it served as a good bottleneck for deer movement. I was situated between very thick bedding cover and a section of big timber that bordered bean fields. I had hunted this stand a couple of times recently and had even had a mature buck slip by me without presenting a shot as I was a little too far away from the tightest part of the travel corridor. I moved my stand 50 yards and left the spot alone for 5 days before returning to hunt it on the 18th of November. I snuck in a little later than normal and got in my tree at around 3:30 pm. I had a young buck show himself shortly after getting settled in and soon after a nice 10 pointer came running in chasing a doe. They hung around for about 20 minutes, and she slowly led him into bow range. The younger buck stayed close by and watched them the entire time. The doe finally broke away for a second from the 10 and once he noticed she was moving he made sure to get in between her and the young buck. This move proved fatal. When he stepped out from behind some thick cover, he stopped just long enough for me to get a shot off at 40 yards. I hit him high in the spine, dropping him where he stood. I climbed down as quick as I could for a follow up, and slipped my 2nd shot into the boiler room. I took out my phone to call my wife and the time was 4:15 pm. Getting it done fast on public land is a sweet feeling!

#Whitetail #Illinois

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