Cold Morning Gets Hot

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Wisconsin- It was a cold morning with a temp of just 8°F and by 8 a.m. my feet were frozen. It was so unbearable that I even said to myself, "I'm going in to warm up at 9:00". However, at 8:25 a.m. I hear something running along the bluff to my right and it sounded promising so I stood up in my climber. Once the buck came into sight, about 100 yards away, I was able to see through the binos that he was a shooter.

I grabbed my bow right away while he was still at 80 yards. He crossed the drainage and started walking towards the tree I had marked at 25 yards. I dialed my adjustable pin, drew back, and waited. At about 30 yards, he turned and headed straight for the tree and I thought for sure he wasn't going to give me a broadside shot. He kept coming and finally stopped at 10 yards and looked up at me, but never noticed anything was there. After about what felt like 5 minutes at full draw (only 45 secs to a minute), he started to act like he was going to turn and keep along the bluff side. At that moment I put my pin that was still set at 25 yards a tad low and as soon as he turned broadside, let it fly. The 10 yard shot passed completely through and I could see my arrow sticking out of the snow with blood all around. He took off running and didn't make it far. After about 20 yards, he slowed down and started coughing up blood. I knew I hit him good and after he went ten more yards, he crashed. I pulled up my binos and as I did he took his last breath! I sat and watched him for a bit, but he wasn't breathing, done deal! It definitely pays to keep on your goals. After five years of passing up immature bucks since my first and last buck, I finally had a decent buck on the ground! The 10 yard shot yielded my a nice Wisconsin public land buck that grossed 147 3/8'' and a final net score of 141 0/8'' and an inside spread of 19 5/8".

Bow: Mathews Triax 29.5" 68# Sight: Truglo Range Rover Pro LED Green dot Release: Trufire Bow accessories: Mathews 8" stabilizer and a Tactacam (never had time to turn it on though) Arrows: Easton FMJ 5mm Broadhead: Rage 100gr. 2 blade chisel tip Optics: Vortex crossfire 10x42, Vortex Ranger 1500 Camo: Mix of Sitka, Under Armour, and Cabelas. Boots: walked out in Lacrosse sat in the stand with Cabelas still hunters. Treestand: XOP Ambush XL climber

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