First Sit Finds Success

Central Texas- I wasn't having much luck on my deer hunting lease so I decided to switch gears and do some scouting on the local Lake Aquila public land owned by Army Corps of Engineers. I wanted to get off the beaten path so I took my boat to the back section of the lake the was hard to access and start there. Immediately, I found a ton of active scrapes and scrape lines and even jumped a few deer. Things were looking good. Not wanting to miss out on the fresh sign, I came back the next morning ready to hunt. On my way in I made a drag line of doe pee down one of the fresh scrape lines and picked a nearby tree to ascend with my climber. I made some occasional grunt calls and less than an hour into my hunt I look up and see a buck with his nose down on my drag line making his way towards my ambush. When I was presented with an opportunity I made good on the shot and he ran less than 60 yards before piling up. I had a 500 yard drag back to my boat and had to wade in 3 feet of water to get him loaded but I wouldn't traded the experience for anything!

#Texas #Whitetail

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