Blind Sit Reaps Rut Rewards

Missouri- This hunt all started with my dad and I finding a secluded piece of national forest in Missouri that looked promising. We decided to go in deep and I sat in what looked to be a natural rut funnel featuring very thick cover on both hillsides but was more open in between. This made it easy for the deer to travel and feel secure so I got setup smack in the middle of it, without knowing what to expect.

At 2:15pm, I was not even fully in the stand and setup when I hear a deer running, I look up to see that a doe is running right at me. I quickly grab my Hoyt recurve bow as she stops right underneath me but I decide not to shoot. After a brief pause, she continues to run past. After all the commotion, I hear grunting coming from the same direction she came from and all I could see was a rack appear over the hill. So I quickly turned the camera on and drew my bow as he closed the distance in a hurry. When he finally stopped he was at 8 steps, I held my anchor, released, and watched my arrow vanish behind his shoulder. It all happened so fast that I was in total shock from what happened but I could not have been any more happy. All the time and hard work I put in to hunting this public land had finally paid off on a mature 7.5 year old stud thanks to the good lord upstairs!!! Video of the hunt can be found here!!:

Zach is the owner of Full Draw Aggression, be sure to check them out on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube!!

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