Spring Scouting Finds Fall Success

North Dakota- I initially found and scouted this spot in late April during turkey season. The buck sign was incredible to say the least but I told myself I wasn’t going to hunt it until the rut. My first sit in there for the 2019 was the 19th of October. I didn’t see much in terms of deer movement but based on my trail camera intel they were there almost every day hitting one of the 6 scrapes my camera was eyeing. I wanted to hunt it on the 29th of October but the wind was just too close to being borderline and me being comfortable so I decided to stay out. The next day, Wednesday the 30th, I was given a perfect NW wind and settled into the stand at 1:45 pm after a half day of work and sat tight. The scrapes had all been recently freshened.

At 5 pm, I see my first deer of the evening and it was a doe acting like she was being chased as she went to the top of the hill. 5 minutes later I get a text from my nearby SPYPOINT camera on top 70 yards up the same hill with a buck in frame. I grunted 5-6 times, but to no avail. 30 minutes later at 5:30 pm I hear a deer sneeze. so I again grunt 5-6 times. 5:45 pm I hear a heavy footed deer coming from the north west, it was the buck coming right for the primary scrape. As he neared the scrape, I started to draw when he stopped, keeping me at 3/4 draw for what felt like forever. Then he took his final steps to the scrape and I got the bow to full draw. He was hitting the scrape as I settled the pin behind his shoulder and let it fly. Immediately upon the release, I knew I pin wheeled him. He started crashing just out of sight about 50 yards and the rest is history. It took us 4 hours to get him out as we were 1 mile from the truck and had to go up and down multiple big hills. He ended up scoring 151” and field dressed around 225 lbs, my biggest buck to date!

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