4 Years, 3 Sightings, 2 Shots, 1 Unique Muley

Wyoming- It was in 2015 when I first had an opportunity at this impressive deer. He was distinct in the fact he had an odd growth coming off his left G2 each season. I was hunting a small sage bowl in a general BLM area when I glassed him from afar. I was able to sneak up on him to within 65 yards in the sage with the wind was blowing like crazy. He was in a massive bachelor group that was working its way to private land and I straight missed my chance at them.

In 2016, I saw him again in the exact same bowl, exact same situation, except this time he is probably the biggest he will be during my 4 years of seeing him. This time, I was fortunate enough to sneak in with my boots off to 35 yards. I waited for him to stand and as he did he faced away from me broad side, perfect. I drew back and............my release came off my D loop and I lobbed an arrow over his back. I was absolutely disgusted. Off into the private ground he ran, never to be seen again.

In 2017 I never got to see him personally, but a friend of mine was able to snap this pre-season picture of him...

In 2018 no one from our hunting group saw him at all. I figured I lost my chance and someone else had scored on one heck of a general deer. This year, due to work obligations, I only had 2 days to deer hunt. Period. After an unsuccessful day one in a different area I decided to take a friend into that area to shoot his first archery deer. One drainage over from all the action in previous years I found a group of bucks with one decent 4 point in the mix. We decided we would make a stalk. Once we got part way down the hill I noticed something dark sticking out from the sage. To the naked eye it looked like a bird on a sage bush. So I pulled up my binoculars and as luck would have it I saw a rather familiar frame, sporting the birds nest off his G2 about 200 yards down the draw. I explained to my friend that we had a slight change in plans. We snuck down the draw and slipped to within 30 yards. There was a ditch between us that was 10 yards wide and 8 feet deep. I told my friend I was going to attempt to cross it and if he got up when I was in there he needed to be the one to take the shot. I made it across the ditch successfully, closing the distance to 20 yards. I debated with myself if I should wait it out or make him stand. I opted to draw my bow back and kick a sage bush right next to me. All I could see was the top of his antlers turn to face me. I set my feet, he stood and I released. Perfect shot! He ran 40 yards and toppled over, the 4 year pursuit was over. On the way back to the truck, we managed to spot another buck and my friend ended up shooting his first deer with a bow too, and within an hour after I shot mine! That day we saw a moose where I never would have expected to, a black bear in the wide open where I've never seen one, a hand full of deer and antelope, as well as 6 or 8 bull elk. It was one of the best days hunting I've ever had to date with the perfect ending.

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