Looking for a Fight

Arizona- I stalked all morning into this spot where the bulls were on FIRE! Just an all out bugle war. As I closed in on an area of Aspen dead-falls, multiple bulls were firing off like crazy but none responded to our few select cow calls, they just wanted a battle. I stalked closer with each bugle until I finally heard the clash of antlers. I look to my far right and see two bulls just brawling, pushing each other back and forth between the trees. Then I hear deep, gnarly, and raspy bugle to my right and body emerges, moving between tree trunks making a B line to the brawl. So I ranged a few trees and waited for my opportunity. The bull finally emerged from the cover to become fully visible and I ranged him at 43, the tree behind him at 60. I put my 40 yard pin on his spine and my 50 on his gut. Let him walk a few more steps for full broadside and he roars again with a gnarly bugle. I made a cow “mew” with my mouth and paused him in his tracks and sent the arrow flying. THWACK! I heard the arrow hit HARD with a double lung shot and watched as he did a complete 180, blood running out the opposite side. He books it through the forest and piles up less than 100 yards away over some dead-falls. Another hunter was just happened to be set up above our position and ranged my bull at 63 and was about to shoot when he noticed the protruding arrow and blood coming out. He watched my bull pile up, sent out a cow call, and hollered our way “bull’s over here!” Turns out this other hunter would be one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and even was courteous enough to help us pack out the bull! You just don’t meet to many people like that any more!

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