Velvet Dreams

Utah- My friend, Sam Hanson and I, found this beautiful buck on day one of our Utah general archery hunt. We chased him for 7 days, but lost him for 3 full days thinking he was gone forever. The last few days of the hunt we glassed him back up and started learning his patterns. I got 3 stalks to within 30 yards, but he would never give me a shot and always got the best of me.

On the last day, in the last hour of the hunt before we had to head home, I found him bedded about 70 yards out from our set up. Rather than move in, I decided to set up above him nearby and let him make the next move. At 2:00, he got up and started to walk away slowly, feeding as he went. He came into a clearing at 80 yards with a steep downhill angle. I have never even dreamed of taking an 80 yard shot on a deer with my bow, but this was my last shot at filling my tag with the buck of a lifetime. Not to mention I have been practicing these ridiculous shots all summer at the Total Archery Challenge.

I drew back for the first time all week, sent up a quick prayer, and squeezed off the shot. The arrow flew perfect and hit its mark, right through the heart. He never even ran, just continued walking to the nearest shade tree about 15 yards away and laid down. He set his head down and that was it, the cleanest kill I have ever seen and the perfect ending to another unforgettable back-country hunt on public land.

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