Long Time Coming

Idaho- This year’s Idaho elk hunt was full of emotions. I’ve hunted this bull for years and had always came up empty handed. This year, after hiking nearly 50 miles in just a few days trying to get within archery range, it all came together on September 5th. As we played the wind and climbed to 8400 feet, I gave a cow call and he immediately bugled within 120 yards. I called again and he bugled back a second time. I had a friend stay behind and cow call every so often to distract the bull so another buddy and I could sneak in undetected. After a short stalk, we reached a small opening where we could kneel and leaned up against a tree. We looked to our left just in time to see him and 5 cows moving through. He bugled and then slowly walked into my shooting range, presenting me with a 38 yard shot. The shot was well placed, double lunging him, and he ran less then 200 yards before reaching his final resting spot.

I’m so humbled and grateful for the opportunity to have hunted such an amazing animal over the past several years. I respect these animals and anyone who hunts them on public land as it can be extremely rewarding


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