First Day, Last Light

Ohio- It was the first day out in Ohio for the season, and I was so excited to climb a tree in the precise area where I killed a 124" 8 point in January. My best friend and I began the walk up the logging road, only to come across a fresh blood trail from a deer that was killed that morning. Gotta love public land! I was so bummed out, to say the least, and I didn't even want to hunt there with the thought of fresh human scent in the area. Needless to say, I showed my friend the general area where I had seen a large herd of doe cross the evening in January I harvested my buck, and he set up there for the evening.

I continued further down the trail a hundred yards or so before turning around and walking past my buddy down the trail in the other direction. I did all this only to not like the area and turn around again. My buddy, Kevin, laughed at me as I passed him a second time. I told him that I was going to hunt the edge of the "bedroom." He gave me a look of disappointment because he wanted to go there as well. I walked toward the bedding area, situated 50 yards off a logging trail, and stared at the tree I was about to climb. I got mere feet away from the tree when I heard deer stand up and start running away from me. Great. I got my climber on the tree anyway while the two deer started snorting and completely blowing my cover. At this point, I was done in my mind and the hunt might as well have been over. But, out of frustration and with only one hour left of daylight, I climbed the tree, leaving my backpack and outer clothing at the bottom. It was quite the scene as I sat there 20 feet up with sweat pants and a black shirt on and only my bow, phone, and extinguisher grunt tube.

I didn't hear or see anything after all the commotion, of course. So, with 15 minutes left of shooting light, I pulled out the grunt tube, one that I had never used before, and gave my normal small sequence of grunts and waited for daylight to expire. With 5 minutes left of shooting light, I heard some movement on the side of the ridge. I got ready, and what happened next happened so quickly that I didn't even have time to get my normal shakes. As soon as I saw a long main beam, I knew it was a good buck and a sure shooter, so I focused on getting in position. When he came down the bank, I knew if he stopped to the left or right of my only shooting lane that I wouldn't get a shot. I didn't even have to grunt to stop him as he hit that opening at 15 yards broadside; he stopped perfectly. SMACK!! I watched as my arrow passed through cleanly behind the shoulder. A double lung is my favorite shot. He went 10 yards before stopping to look around like, "What happened?" He went another 15 yards before stumbling and tripping, and it was over. I kept saying out loud, "Oh my God, that just happened, oh my God!" When I walked up to him, I literally screamed in excitement! I'm still in shock while writing this story. The non-typical buck had 19 score-able points with 37 5/8'' of abnormal growth and just 3 3/8'' of deductions: good enough to net 187 2/8''! A buck of a lifetime, and the only thing that would have made it better was if I had a video to share! The extinguisher worked great my first time using it, and I have since called in three other bucks with its help.

Gear List:

Bow: Carbon Express Crossbow and Arrows

Camo: Realtree

Treestand: Summit Viper

Call: Extinguisher Grunt Tube

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