10 Father's Day Gift Ideas for Archery Hunting Dads

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Father's Day is just a couple of weeks away, and it's never too late for some last minute ideas. We've put together a list of budget-friendly gifts that we have found value in and know any archery hunting dad would appreciate and use next season!

1.) Fancy Hunting Watch

Ezon Sport Watch

The hunting industry has become very tech savvy in the last 10 years, and simple wrist watches are no exception. Sure, any watch will hopefully keep accurate time and can be waterproof, but watches of today offer many features that can be especially valuable to bowhunters. ABC (altimeter, barometer, compass) watches have become much more affordable in recent years with some models also including a thermometer in their list of capabilities. These features will help hunters keep local tabs on the weather, predict potential game movement (barometric pressure), and even help them navigate with use of a digital compass and altimeter. Here are our top 3 picks:

-------------> Ezon Men's Outdoor Sport Watch

-------------> Casio Multi-Function Men's Sport Watch

-------------> LAD Weather Outdoors Watch

2.) Hunting App Subscription

Hunting apps such as Huntstand have taken the hunting world by storm, and we'd be willing to bet that most serious bow hunters have at least checked them out at some point. These mapping apps have become a vital aspect of the hunt with their ability to show terrain, topography, property boundary lines, mapping tools, and much much more. While they are useful with free, unpaid use, subscriptions to these apps will unlock more features such as unlimited parcel/property information at a very reasonable price. Huntstand is just $19.99 per year for all states, and even 10% off when you use code: ARCHERHS at checkout. They all vary in function, layout, and features, but all are fine choices that will get the job done.

3.) Tree stand Safety

Hunter Safety System Hunting Harness

Tree stand safety is unfortunately sometimes an after-thought for many bowhunters, even with modern advances for comfort and safety. By purchasing a safety harness or lifeline system for your favorite hunter, he may be more inclined to use it and can help to ensure that he returns home safely each night. Name brand hunting harnesses will do great and are made to be quieter and more comfortable, but regular construction or rock climbing harnesses will work just as well. Lifelines are good safeguards against falls that work by keeping the hunter attached to a safety line during the entire climb. If your hunting father already has the necessary equipment to stay safe, consider purchasing a tree stand accessory such a tree umbrella or equipment hook instead.

----------> Hunter Safety System X-1 Treestand Hunting Harness

----------> Muddy Magnum Pro Harness

----------> Hunter Safety System Lifeline

4.) Reading Material

One of our favorite gift ideas for all hunters is to get them something that will help pass the time not spent. An easy and inexpensive idea is a subscription to their favorite hunting or outdoors magazines. Our personal favorites include Petersen's Bowhunting, Bowhunter Magazine, Deer and Deer Hunting, and Field & Stream, but there are countless other options. Another idea in this spectrum is a hunting book that helps hunters learn new strategies and techniques to apply to their next hunting season. Below I have listed my recommendations for books to enjoy any time of the year:

1.) Mapping Trophy Bucks, by Brad Herndon

Mapping Trophy Bucks is all about teaching hunters how to effectively use topographic maps and the land features they reveal to help locate potential hunting spots. The author does a great job of using pictures, story examples, and tactics to show how he and others have used terrain features to hunt and harvest mature bucks time and time again. This is a great book that could be read over and over.

2.) Bowhunting Pressured Whitetails: Expert Techniques for Taking Big, Wary Bucks, by John Eberhart

In the public land hunting world, few hunters can lay claim to as much success as John Eberhart. John has made a living successfully hunting big bucks all over the country on public land and offers several of his tips and methods in this book.

3.) The Freelance Bowhunter: DIY Strategies for the Traveling Bowhunter, by Bernie Barringer and Tom Miranda

If you are looking for a must-have book for a public land hunter, this would be it. This book covers everything you need to not only hunt better, but ways to find where to hunt in other states, and to do so on a budget. Topics range from scouting quickly, narrowing down potential hunt locations, and sealing the deal in a short amount of time.

5.) Socks and Base-Layers

When it comes to socks for your favorite hunter, we're not talking about your traditional, everyday-use Hanes; we're talking about heavy-duty, Merino wool socks that are made for hunters and outdoorsmen alike. Merino Wool is a favorable option for hunting because of its incredible insulating properties not just when dry, but when damp due to sweat and/or water. When coupled with a synthetic liner sock that is made to wick moisture away from the feet, you get a powerful combination that enhances the insulating factor of the boot itself and allows for a longer, more enjoyable time on stand experience. If your hunter wouldn't be interested in footwear, consider buying him a new base-layer, even if it's a new pair of long underwear.

----------> Merino Wool Socks

----------> Liner Sock

----------> Thermal Underwear

6.) A New Trail Camera

This gift is a great option that needs very little persuasion to purchase. In the modern hunting world, you'd be hard pressed to find a hunter who has never used one or at least seen a trail camera picture of a huge local buck that someone captured. Whether your hunter has zero cameras or 10, he would find value in adding another one to his arsenal. Below, we have our picks for the top budget trail cameras. If he already has all he can handle, you can also consider getting him python locks or SD cards for use with his current setups.

----------> Primos Proof Cam

----------> Moultrie A-25 Game Camera

----------> SpyPoint Link Micro

7.) Broadheads

Rage Broadheads

An essential archery accessory that is needed 100% of the time and always needs replacing is a hunting broadhead. Surprise your favorite hunter with a brand new pack and save him a couple of bucks this fall when he is stocking up on all of his yearly hunting tools. Another idea is to get him a pack of broadheads he may have always wanted to try but to which he never made the switch. Our top picks include:

----------> Rage Hypodermics

----------> Muzzy Trocar 3 Blade

----------> Magnus Stingers 4 Blade

----------> NAP Spitfire

----------> Swhacker Broadheads

8.) Hunting Knife

Some hunters collect guns, some bows, and some knives, so adding one more would never be too many, especially one with such great value. The Buck 285 Bantam, shown in the picture, is an option for both hunters who are looking for a new knife, or ones who could simply use a quality, inexpensive back up. This knife is from a respectable company, features a quality steel blade, and comes with the value price of just $20. Another option in the Buck brand is the classic Buck 110. This knife will run you double the price but has a vintage look and feel.

9.) Lighted Nocks

If you are interested in something a little more outside the box, then light nocks may be the answer. They are the perfect gift for someone who

already uses them, but they are also a neat idea for those who don't necessarily need them to fill a tag but who would appreciate them as a cool accessory. These nifty gadgets replace the regular nocks on an arrow and light up upon release, giving the shooter a unique view as the arrow approaches its target. There are several options out there, but these are the most recommended; just be sure to choose your desired color and model to fit the correct arrows:

----------> Nockturnal

----------> Lumenok

----------> Victory Archery

10.) Flashlight

Last on our list is another item that every hunter uses but oftentimes does not update frequently. Every hunter has a flashlight tucked away somewhere in his hunting pack, but few have updated them to the latest technology that excels in size and performance. New flashlights are very small, lightweight, and extremely bright. Our personal favorite that we use is the JETBeam-1 MK Cree. It conveniently has 3 different brightness settings and is so small that it can fit in the palm of your hand, meaning it's easy to pack and store in almost any place you can think but brighter than most old types of lights, all for less than $30!

We hope that these products give you some great ideas to surprise your dad on Father's Day, but if you still don't see something you like, feel free to email us and we will help out as much as possible!

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