Mississippi Public Land Magic

Mississippi- Moriah Boggess, of Hunt the Land podcast, was able to harvest this beautiful Mississippi buck this past fall on public land. His key to success was pre-season scouting and terrain features noting, "I found this spot while scouting in summer and marked it as a great rut cruising pinch point. After missing this buck early in the morning, I moved to a different tree in the same pinch point to avoid another shot deflection and decided to sit the rest of the day. Persistence paid off when he came back through at 11:15." You can check out the full story of his hunt here on his website: http://www.huntingtheland.com/podcast-24/

Moriah's Gear List

Bow: Mathews Halon 6

Sight: Trophy Ridge React 5

Broadheads: Rage 3 blade chisel 1.5'' cut

Optics: Oculus 10x40 binoculars, Nikon Archer's Choice Rangefinder

Clothing: UA Cold Gear in Mossy Oak Treestand

Boots: Muck Ranger

Treestand: Lone Wolf Hand Climber

GPS/Scouting: onX Hunt App

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