Moultrie Smart Phone SD Card Reader

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

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Moultrie Smart Phone SD Card Reader

Actual size of the Moultrie card reader

In today's technological world, you would be hard pressed to find an archery hunter who has never utilized a trail camera to aid in scouting, whether it be on public or private land.

What's unique about public land, more often than not, hunters also worry about securing and hanging cameras in places a little further from the beaten path. In fact it's sometimes important to walk miles deep until suitable areas to both scout and hunt that are free of pressure from other hunters are found.

While I don't mind a healthy walk in the woods, I found that I spent a lot of time walking to check SD cards, only to return home and find that my camera was not exactly in a hot spot for deer activity. When this happened, I wasn't thrilled at the notion of walking back to the camera in days or weeks, knowing it would be another lack luster card pull and that I would waste valuable time before I'd have a chance to find a new place to hang the camera.

I thought to myself, "There has to be a better solution."

That's when I came across this Moultrie Card Reader at my local sporting goods store. The store had several card reader options, all within the same relative price point, which was a plus.

What stood out to me about this one was that although not all card readers are compatible with all SD card types, both normal and MicroSD, as well as all phone types, both iPhone and Android, this one was. Despite the fact that I did not own an Android phone or any other type that uses the micro USB style charger, I knew that at times, I may be without my phone and with someone who may not have an iPhone, and this product could still be useful to me.

This product has made me more efficient in my scouting efforts because instead of returning home to find that my month long camera session gave me pictures of random doe sightings and squirrels running through, I can immediately pull the card and see if the camera needs hung in a new spot or if I'll be chasing Mr. Big come time the leaves start changing.

In season, if my camera is placed near a hunting area, I occasionally switch camera cards en route to my stand to see what activity occurred nearby within days leading up to my morning sit while waiting for the sun to come up.

The only downsides, if any, of this product are that it requires you to download an app to use, and I sometimes have to remove my phone cover for the reader to be completely inserted into the phone. But, I have found these to both be minor inconveniences that do not in any way affect the value or performance of the product.

When the card is inserted, the app automatically pops up to begin use. From there, you can simply scroll through all the pictures on the card as well as save them to your phone with the touch of a button. Additionally, this item is very small, comes with covers over the connectors to protect them during transport, and is easily carried in your hunting bag or pocket without taking up much room.

As a public land bow hunter, you owe it to yourself to make your life as easy as possible. We firmly believe that this product, or one similar to it listed below, will make your time in the woods more efficient and help make finding success easier next fall.

Stock Photo- Moultrie Smart Phone SD Card Reader


-cheaper than a SD Card Viewer

-easy to setup and use

-very small

-can fit in most types of phones

-has both SD and MicroSD slots


-requires you to download support app for use

-may have to remove some phone covers for the reader to be inserted the whole way

If you're interested in finding out more about this product, or even picking one up yourself, you can check it out at the link provided here: Moultrie Smart Phone SD Card Reader

If interested, Moultrie has also since introduced a Gen 2 of this product that we have yet to try, but will save you some dollars that can be found HERE

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