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Washington - My 2017 Washington archery season finally kicked off on Friday, September 1st. The time and effort scouting, putting on miles, and checking cameras all led up to this day. As I'm checking the weather forecast for the season opener, I notice they are calling for 100+ degree days all week. Anyone who bow hunts for deer knows that with those temperatures, it can be truly challenging. As expected with the warm temperatures, we hunt Friday, Saturday, and Sunday relentlessly, only to see nothing but 4 does and a small spike buck. My hunting partner and best friend decided to go home after not seeing anything but I chose to stay and hunt Monday. Despite not being an archery hunter, another friend of mine wanted to tag along and join me for this last day.

We get out Monday morning and I am driving to my ground blind when I see that 3 bucks are already right in front of it. I immediately notice that one of the bucks a deer who I named "Kicker" and he is just 15 yards from the blind. We get out of the truck and start putting a stalk on these animals right away as all three bucks bed down. At this point it is just 7:10am and after slowly approaching these deer, I finally get to within 50 yards. I feel comfortable with the shot, but they have no clue I'm there so I decide to try and get closer. With an arrow knocked and my heart pumping, I make it to 44 yards when the deer stand up, I'm busted. I draw back and the deer hops twice and stops. I hit the trigger on my release and let the arrow fly! Whack!!!!! I smack the deer behind the front shoulder and can see it is a perfect double lung shot. My thoughts are confirmed as the buck "kicker" is running away and I see blood spraying out of his side. He runs just 40 yards and expires right in front of me.

This is my biggest buck to date and he is going to look great on the wall! So much joy and excitement about me harvesting this animal and the first person I call is my hunting partner to tell him the news. He was disappointed he wasn't there to witness the hunt first hand but also very excited for me. I can't wait to start the process over again, 2018 deer season can't come soon enough!

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