Up Close and Personal

Oregon - After checking our trail cameras on a few different wallows the night before the season opener, we saw that we had good bulls showing up on all 3. So we decided to set up a make shift ground blind with some branches and had a perfect, giant ponderosa as a backdrop. We hiked in at 3:30 a.m. then next morning and set up. As soon as daylight arose, two of the bulls that we had on camera came right in. The first, a 5x5, came in at a dead sprint, with a big 6x6 about 20 yards behind him. The 5x5 jumped over the nearby wallow and stopped dead at 7 yards. As he looked back at the six point, I drew back my bow and sent one right into the vitals. He immediately spun around and ran back down towards the wallow. He didn't want to jump the big log that was between him and the water, so he turned back around and trotted straight back uphill to where I had shot him. He snapped the rest of my arrow off on a small tree and stopped just 5 feet to my left. He started to stumble and leaned on a tree literally 3 feet next to me! I waited about 20 seconds and knocked another arrow while he was staring at me from point blank. I reached around and sent another perfect arrow right behind the front shoulder. He stood there dumping blood for probably 5 seconds before nose diving damn near into my lap. I ditched my bow and had to roll out of the way so he didn't land on me! The entire time this was going on, the six point stood at 45 yards and hadn't even run off. He had no idea what had happened and it took me walking down towards the spring for him to turn around and walk off. It was a once and a lifetime opening morning, especially for my first bull elk!

The author at basecamp with his 5x5 bull taken on opening day

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