A Fight to Their Deaths

Florida- After my morning hunt, I decided to move my stand to an area I had scouted the year before. A friend and I had gotten out of our stands around 11:00, and we had walked through the area and seen a lot of signs of deer, so I decided to put a stand up, and we cleared some shooting lanes. When all was said and done, it was 3:00, so we went to the camp to get a bite to eat, and then back to the woods we went. As we got back and I got into my stand, I racked my bow on the holder. Not even 30 minutes later, a 4 point walked out of the thicket of pine trees and straight to the bottom of my stand. I froze as he waited there for five minutes. I heard limbs breaking, and when I looked toward the noise, I saw an 8 point! The two deer dropped their heads and eased toward each other. BAM! They went at it for two to three minutes a mere ten yards from my stand, so when I saw my opportunity, I grabbed my bow and slowly stood up. I drew my arrow, and the first was a double lung shot. The buck didn't even run 25 yards, so my heart was racing. I texted my girlfriend at the time and said, "I just shot an 8 point", and she replied, "You're lying!" I responded, "Seriously, I just shot an 8", so she said that she was on her way. At the same time, I heard the 4 point coming back in, so I told her to wait, and she didn't believe me again because I do joke a lot. However, I came to full draw one more time and shot that buck at 20 yards. It took off into the swamp, so I told her, "Another buck down." She responded, "Now I know it's a joke!" I had to call her to tell her that I was serious so that she would still come! When she arrived, she was able to see that I was not kidding, and we then took pictures of the 8 point. After, we began to search for the 4, though we couldn't find him until the next morning. These two were my very first bucks, and it was even sweeter due to the fact that they were taken with my Elite Energy 35 shooting 250 spine Carbon Express Maxima Blu RZ tipped with a 4-blade Magnus Stinger Buzzcut. This was a hunt that I will never forget. Most hunters don't get to experience this in a lifetime, and I was lucky enough to experience this on my very first two bucks!

Author with his 8 point, taken first
Author with 4 point

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