2 Minutes 2 Bucks

North Dakota- Joseph Biebert, Burnin Eights

My brother and I were beyond excited as we packed up all our stuff in preparation for a week of public land bow hunting in North Dakota. The first two days of the hunt were slow with not much buck activity but we knew things could heat up at a moment's notice during the rut. With that in mind, our third day started with rain and we sat it out without seeing anything, not the change we were hoping for.

After the rain ended, the wind picked up and surprisingly, so did the deer activity as many small bucks and does moved through the area. We sat all day with just a small lunch break and around 4:00 we heard a lot of grunting coming from a cattail slough in front of us. We soon saw a doe emerge from the thick followed by a nice buck grunting with every step he took. Something that wasn’t in the video is the fact that 2 fawns came in on either side of us just before this happened and were staring into our homemade blind. Knowing something wasn’t quite right, they began stomping, putting the doe on high alert and causing the buck to pause while facing us. Luckily for us, the fawns never snorted and ran off. After what seemed like forever, the doe settled down and the buck turned to work a scrape while grunting again. The buck turned broadside to work the scrape and I was able squeeze off a shot to double lung him at 30 yards. He tore off into the cattails and shortly later we believed to hear what we thought was him crashing. 

After doing some quiet celebrating, I handed my bow to my brother who also had a tag and he handed me the camera. No more had we made the swap when I spotted another buck moving through the cattails. Thinking the buck was moving to our left I had to remove the camera from the tripod in order to get him on film. Eventually the buck worked back to the same scrape offering my brother a shot. We weren’t sure on the shot but he didn’t have a good feeling. Eventually we found the arrow with good penetration, but backed out to get lights and the deer cart. After a quick recovery of my buck, we started tracking Sam's but because we were only finding sparse blood, we decided to back out until the morning. The following morning we took up the trail again and found him no more than 50 yards from where we quit the night before. Unfortunately, the coyotes beat us to him overnight. Overall we were very pleased on the opportunity to harvest 2 quality bucks in a very short amount of time!

You can watch the whole hunt unfold on our YouTube channel here so be sure to check it out!!!!


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